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Happy New Year! Hopefully the new year 2021, will be better than every year before your life. A few days ago, a tutorial on installing custom ROM on Xiaomi phone was started, the first part of which has already been published. The next episodes of this series will be published from next week. However, I think you need to know the options well before installing a custom ROM. Although the first episode briefly discussed a few custom ROMs, I think you need to know the features of each custom ROM separately before installing a custom ROM, so that you have more convenience to choose your custom ROM.


So in today’s post I am going to discuss the 5 best custom roms for Android . All five of these custom ROMs on the list are officially supported by most Xiaomi and OnePlus devices. However, there is no guarantee that you will get all the custom ROMs for each Xiaomi device. However, these custom ROMs have official builds for almost all major and popular devices in Xiaomi. You just have to go to the website of these ROMs and find out which ROMs have the official build for your specific model.

I have tried every custom rom in this list on my own Poco F1 smartphone. And I always use custom rom and change the custom rom after a while. So I think you can count on my opinion when it comes to custom ROM reviews!

If you want to talk about the most popular Android ROM at present, you have to say its name. If you are a fan of Google’s Pixel phone user interface or Google Flavor’s stock Android skin, this is the best custom ROM for you. Yes, all the custom roms in this list are stock android based, but in all of them you will not get the same flavor as Google’s Pixel phones even if you get stock Android. If you want to get the same experience as Google Pixel, you need to use Pixel Experience custom ROM. Pixel Experience is a very balanced custom ROM. It will not give any fancy features and thousands of UI tweaks, nor will it give you bad performance like MIUI.

If you want a balanced custom ROM in terms of battery life and performance, you can use Pixel Experience. And the Pixel Expeirence ROM is more stable than most other ROMs on this list. The developer and user community of Pixel Experience is also much more active. As a rule, Pixel Experience releases a new major update and security patch almost every month. And of all the custom ROMs I’ve used so far, I haven’t been able to give the best performance Pixel Experience, but in my opinion, the most stable and bug-free experience has come from the Pixel Experience. So I would suggest, if you want to get Pixel Flavor and Stable User Experience as much as possible, use Pixel Experience!


This is another stock Android based custom ROM just like the Pixel Experience. You get the Google Pixel flavor in it too, but even if the developer claims it, it doesn’t have the smooth user experience like the Pixel experience. This is because this ROM has a lot of customization features that you won’t find in other minimal ROMs, such as the Pixel Experience. In this ROM you will find many extra features and UI customization features. From the status bar to the lockscreen, app drawer, launcher, display, font, you will find many extra customization features in this ROM, which you will not get in the Pixel Experience.


Because of these extra features, the ROM is not as lightweight as the Pixel Experience. Absolutely not usable, but compared to the Pixel Experience, you will notice a slight lack of performance in this custom ROM. However, the official device support of this ROM is much better than the Pixel experience. That is, the Evolution X supports more devices than the Pixel Experience. And although the performance is not very good, the rom is stable enough. If you are a customization freak and have no problem compromising on performance with fancy features, you can try using Evolution X.


When it comes to customizable features, this rom is not to be missed. It is a very popular name in the world of Android custom ROM just like Pixel Experience. The Pixel Experience is popular for its smooth performance and clean pixel flavor, while the Resurrection Remix ROM is popular for its extreme customization capability. If you look at the feature-set of Resurrection Remix ROM and basically the customization options, you will also find the Evolution X ROM boring. Resurrection Remix ROM has so many customization features that if you enter the customization settings of this ROM, it will take you hours and hours just to explore what features it has.

In fact, you can customize almost every part of the user interface. However, due to these thousands of features, its performance is similar to Evolution X. That is, neither good nor too bad. If you need thousands of customizations but don’t have a headache with the performance, then you can try the Ressurection Remix ROM, I hope you will not be disappointed. But yes, its official device support is somewhat limited. If you are lucky you can get your device on the supported list.


It is one of the oldest custom ROMs in the world of Android. This custom rom was extremely popular during the time of Android Jellybean, KitKat. The only specialty of Paranoid Android custom ROM is its stability and performance. Yes, just like the Pixel Experience, in this ROM you will not find many extra fancy features and thousands of customizations. You will get only those features which are not bare minimum for a good user experience. However Paranoid Android is a CAF ROM. You do not need to know much about CAF at the moment, just know that the performance and animation of CAF based ROMs is very smooth and fast. If you use Paranoid Android, you never have to worry about the performance of the device. You will get the best possible performance from your device from Paranoid Android ROM.


You can call Paranoid Android as Pixel Experience ROM, but it will have much better Raw Performance. But you will have to wait a long time to get the new build and security patch update on Paranoid Android ROM. Unlike other ROMs, Paranoid Android does not release an update every month. You can expect a new build every 4-5 months. And the list of supported devices of Paranoid Android is also very limited. You will not find an official ROM for too many models except the most popular models of a company. If you don’t need any fancy features, just need stable performance, and at the same time if your device is fortunately on the list of Paranoid’s supported devices, I suggest, use this ROM without looking elsewhere. I myself am using Paranoid Android as the primary ROM on my phone.


As the developers of this ROM claim, this ROM is Made for Gamers. If you are a gamer and play high end games like Pubji, Call of Duty etc. on mobile, then you can use this ROM. This rom has been specially optimized for gaming. There are many fancy features like special screen recorder, FPS counter, RAM optimizer etc. for gaming in this ROM which gamers will love. Honestly, the gaming performance of this rom didn’t seem like much to me. Pixel Experience, Paranoid Android, etc. I got the same gaming performance in this rom, I got the same performance.

So I don’t think this ROM improves gaming performance or any such optimization. Just the user interface of this ROM has some elements that gamers will like, again there are some gaming minded icons. And this rom is called Made For Gamers due to its FPS counter, gaming mode, game booster etc. It’s a lot like Opera’s gaming browser . If you are a gamer and like RGB and gaming vibes in everything, then you can try this rom. This rom is also quite stable and the performance is not as good as the pixel experience but it is very close.



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